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Helmets of Stone - Light, Thin & Strong

You have used helmets of Fibre and some even of Metals. Now, be ready to have something of stone. An Italian company has created thin films of Marble and Granites to be coated over Helmets, giving them whole new look. They are available in 15 different kinds of granites. Actually it was considered impossible before, as both granite and marble are not considered malleable. However, if cut into so thin slabs like 0.3 mm thick they become malleable, and this has been actually achieved and because of its close resemblane to usability like metal foils viz., aluminium foils they have been called Stone Foils. Tremendous Breakthrough !

Eyelash Transplants @ USD 6000 - Catch up with this Fad soon

Nobody has enough of eyelashes. Women always want to look like barbie dolls. Now some surgeons in USA have come up with a solution. You can plug and sew your hairs into eyelids to get Barbie Doll like Lashes. The technique used is similar to treatment of Balding and is especially suitable for man and woman who have lost their lashes because of hypertension. Once transplanted they continue to grow up and you just need to continually trim them to look beautiful. It costs you something around US $ 6000, which people like Models and Actresses can easily afford.

Body Painting and Tattooing - The Latest Fad

Tattooing is an ancient art. You might have seen them on the body of some old people. The generation after, had not embraced this fashion. But, the tattooing is back with a vengeance. This time worldwide! Tattoo fad is seen in USA, Europe, China & India. Unlike in ancient time when people used to get their name and decorative designs over their body, this time it is Your Lover's name and animals preferably snakes. India Actors Siaf Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has got each others name tattooed on their hand. Teen agers mostly get Cobra as the most preferred tattoo on their forehead or arms. Some of them prefer Lion, tigers, giraffee too as tattoos. Equally catching Fad is the Body Painting, in China. Body painting is very fast catching up and is available for only USD 0.6, which may soon become a big business, if it goes on like this.

Welcome to Obama era: Black is the New Fad

Barack Hussein Obama is getting sworned in as 44th President of USA. Nobody, had thought even, before him that predominantly white populace would be en mass voting for a Black Leader. Color Black has been associated with many abominable things in the past. But, now it is the symbol of Reselience, toughness, and Victory. Just watch the trends to follow and how Obama mania strikes fashion fad world. So, when you get the chance to choose between black and other color for whatever it may be. just compare the vibes you had before and now. Change is inevetable and perception for black has changed.

Audio Tapes out of Fashion

Audio/video tapes which were rage in 80 - 90s are slowly getting out of fashion. Previously people used to carry cassetes, which you could insert into walkman, home stereo or boom box. Now this has been replaced by digital devices like, Mp3 & Ipods. But can you gift someone music the same way you used to. People seldom notice the loss of this great usage of audio casettes, nor the modern devices allow you to use same application everywhere. You rather have to create many types of files to download and transport. What a loss tech advance has given to users. Remember, when you last gifted the latest song in the form of audio cassetes and how you have substituted it now. Many would answere they no more gift casstets or even worse they don't gift song to their loved ones. Do you miss the feeling it generated earlier!

All about StyleFad

Welcome to this website. This is the inaugural post from StyleFad. Stylefad would be discussing Fashion, Trend, Latest Fad from the perspective of a Common Man. How a common man can stay ahead in life, where all of us live on a bleeding edge. Here, we shall discuss about Man, women, fashion, lifestyle, relationship and much more. We would also update you regarding latest product launch and how to use them to position yourself ahead of others in your life. What is in, what is out and what has become obsolete practice, would be our subject. Stay with us and you would have developed a new attitude about Life.