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Brain Gyms - Tone your Brain Muscles - The Latest Fitness Fad!

You have gone to gyms, building muscles for years. They give you good posture and strength, but you are not considered mentally strong. You often forget something useful and your mathematical skills are laughed at by your peers. Brain too needs exercises to get it working in right order. To achieve this several brainy exercises have been devised. It is believed that memory, concentration and attention can be improved by regular exercises. Such mental fitness programs though target old age people, are getting several young people in their fold. Several traditional gyms too are taking mental fitness exercises as an important supplement to traditional exercises. These gyms have installed some computers with preloaded software, which allows users to take some problem solving exercises tailored to the need of the individuals. A trainer assesses the need of the individual and accordingly sets the type of exercise and difficulty level. It is claimed with regular exercise, it improves your ap

Huan Dao - Circling around island, Catching Up in Taiwan

Taiwanese are gripped into a new Fad. This time it is running. From 12 years old school going children to 70 years old retired person, everyone wants to circle around their own home island. They are not going on bicycle or any machine, they want to complete it on their own feet. Last year in Taipei, Timothy Liu , a 12 year old, with his 47 year old father, decided to circle around the entire island. It has a circumference of around 1200 kilometers. Both of them did it on foot, with some occasional rides from strangers. Summer heat, earthquakes, typhoon and mosquitoes could not make any deterrence to their determination. They completed it in 51 days! This exemplary evidence of courage and determination caught the eyes of other fellow Taiwanese, who too started this operation. This fever is called Huan Dao , meaning circling around the island. Taiwan's President, Mr. Ma Ying Jeao , circled the island on bicycle during his election campaign. He was followed by a large number of jou

Mystery Tour Fad - Evolving a New Industry

Traveling is the hottest fad that has caught up worldwide, and is expected to grow manifold in years to come. We know people roaming about to know about different cultures, food and fun items. Destinations too are chosen accordingly. Recent boom is not due to any of the aforesaid causes. A brand new fad is all about, thirst to know the mysterious! People come like a bee string following a story around something mysterious. If there is a news about something mysterious happening in certain part of the world, it is bound to attract visitors. Western Europe and its locations mentioned in the bestseller book - Da vinci Code, started getting visitors from all around the globe. It has been learnt readers, ask new questions about the place, about which tour guides prepare in advance. Like, In Paris, people ask: Are there really 666 panes of glass in the Louvre's pyramid? The fad has caught up with all sections of the society. In London, British Tours Ltd., claimed, they recently took the

Lip Tatto is Back Again

Lip Tattooing the fad prevalent among Hollywood artistes of 1930s is back. Only the process has changed. It is claimed that it has become more convenient now, with sophisticated surgical equipments available. lip tattooing looks exotic and may add a whole new dimension to how you look. Someone having a tattoo on lips are considered sexier and lively. A tattoo speaks about you. People of all gender are embracing it. Earlier process was considered somewhat painful. Now the process is claimed to be highly peaceful. Once you are done you have to live with it. Pick your design and make it the part of your personality Forever. Two shots are attached to show the difference in methods side by side.

Teeth Whitening - The Latest Fad !

Bad teeth, takes a lot away from your beautiful smile. A white shining array of teeth is what everybody desires. Junk foods, smoking, and many other lifestyle habits distorts the original color of your teeth. Dentists offer many type of solutions to people for whitening their teeth. Solution depends on how much time you can dispose for this. Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive but fastest and most effective solution. You get result within an hour and you can see that your teeth becoming 6-8 shades lighter soon after taking the treatment. This is ideal for people who have to attend an important party and would like to see themselves carrying a full, and inspiring smile. After all it adds to your confidence too. However, in some cases, it may take more than one attempts, and you would get charged accordingly. Standard charge for this treatment varies from $400 - $900 per visit. Some dentists also feel that their in house treatment should be supplemented with some extra dosage of

Smoking Fad: Smoking Pipes Back with a Vengeance!

Smoking has been discouraged worldwide. Governments around the world have imposed restriction on smoking. Yet people find rhyme and reason to devise some ways and occasions to smoke. It is learnt some old ways of smoking is back. Pipe smoking is at the forefront of them. It was considered old fashioned some 30 years ago, but its a brand new fad nowadays. Many Facebook users have created a club to promote this fad. People in 70s are teaching teens and those in 20s, the different ways to smoke. Feb'20th is celebrated as International Pipe Smoking day. Puffers assemble in different part of the world, with slogan, "Raise Your Pipe Today". Social media platform has become an easy, affordable and stable medium of communication and keeping themselves organized. They are also known to mobilise funds from Tobacco and related industries to protest ban on smoking. International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association is said to have sponsored a grand function for pipers in US

Fad Pets: What is in and what is out of fashion.

We all love pets. People have variety of affection and reasons while owning a pet. Mostly people own dogs, some cats, few rabbits too. People have experimented with camel, tortoise etc. Nowadays, snakes, lizard and scorpio are entering this list. Some love loyal dogs, some meow of cats. Many want to be just different. They play with a tortoise, rabbit, fawn. Pet fad is on the rise. Piglet fad of 70s and 80s is not fading. People have added new varieties in this list. Now, cobra, Lizards, squirrel and other uncommon animals are being used to show the difference. Flaunt your pets before others. Pet fad has taken a whole new direction. It is no more towards a single animal. everyone chooses one's own. it is not - Do you have a pet? it is rather, How different is your pet! So, before buying any breed ensure the difference. You will gain more attention because your pet is different and not because you own an expensive breed. Innovate and get a different idea. Move with a different dog,

Arabian Girls Wearing License Plates on shirts

Women driving has been banned in Saudi Arabia. Girls there are trying to express their dissatisfaction through different means. Noha Berjes and Naglaa al-Oteibi from Dammam's King Faisal University got a superb idea to target this need. They started making shirts embroidered with license plate bearing the name , country and a number. Soon it started catching up. Noha Berjes and Naglaa al-Oteibi designed the shirts at home. They are just two years old in this fashion industry and have made their mark for being original and innovative. They say, Girls like their personal name and design on their shirts. Now, Naglaa and Noha own a workshop where they design them. They paint and print on the shirts after buying them from market. A printed short sells for $32-$40, whereas a printed short sells for $106. They market their products on Facebook!

Latest Fashion Jewelry - Live Fish!

Chinese Girls are no more fascinated by Jewelry. These teenage beauties have innovated a new way to look beautiful. They are wearing live fishes closed in a plastic pendants. This ornament costs less than 50 cents each and contains, water, food and oxygen balls besides a living creature. Fishes can live upto 3 months inside after which it is recommended to be left in pond or tank. What is most fascinating part of the story os that it is cheap, unique and Living! Incidentally, eastern mythology relates fishes to God of Romance and eroticism - Kama. This Fad is expected to catch up with other young people worldwide. If you want to market such pendants in your area, get started soon, it has big revenue generation potential.

Amazon's Kindle 2 : Enter the New Era of Wireless Reading

Amazon is going to start its new version of wireless reader Kindle 2, which would display newspapers, books and blogs on a portable screen. This item is available for USD 359.00, and would be released on February 24th, 2009. According to the claims: It is just over 1/3 of an inch. weighs 10.2 ounces 3G wireless enabled capable of downloading books in less than 60 seconds. display like real paper with 16 shades of grey Long battery life which claims to be lasting for days without recharge. holds over 1500 books 20% faster page turns. Introduces Text to Speech Feature which can Read the text to you. Over 230000 books, newspaper, blogs and magazine available with latest updates. Get bestsellers on less than its actual price.

Internet Proliferation threatens Print Industry

People world over are shifting from conventional print edition to online for gathering any kind of information. Gone are the days when you used to hunt for magazines for reviews and news about anything. Every thing is available on internet, not from the people who are paid to write but real users. Hence, credibility in the eyes of users of blogs and review websites is increasing day by day. Whenever anything new strikes your mind you simply go and search the item in a search engine and start browsing the subject of your interest. Print editions are becoming highly unfashionable because of their limitation to produce content after a lag only and also, they are not even quality wise superior to online. Now, experts even want to break the news hot and people are exposed to it via many online channels like Google, digg twitter etc. However, it beginning to change the lifestyle habit of people and vast majority of print editions of well known News Papers and magazines are on the verge of cl

Helmets of Stone - Light, Thin & Strong

You have used helmets of Fibre and some even of Metals. Now, be ready to have something of stone. An Italian company has created thin films of Marble and Granites to be coated over Helmets, giving them whole new look. They are available in 15 different kinds of granites. Actually it was considered impossible before, as both granite and marble are not considered malleable. However, if cut into so thin slabs like 0.3 mm thick they become malleable, and this has been actually achieved and because of its close resemblane to usability like metal foils viz., aluminium foils they have been called Stone Foils. Tremendous Breakthrough !

Eyelash Transplants @ USD 6000 - Catch up with this Fad soon

Nobody has enough of eyelashes. Women always want to look like barbie dolls. Now some surgeons in USA have come up with a solution. You can plug and sew your hairs into eyelids to get Barbie Doll like Lashes. The technique used is similar to treatment of Balding and is especially suitable for man and woman who have lost their lashes because of hypertension. Once transplanted they continue to grow up and you just need to continually trim them to look beautiful. It costs you something around US $ 6000, which people like Models and Actresses can easily afford.

Body Painting and Tattooing - The Latest Fad

Tattooing is an ancient art. You might have seen them on the body of some old people. The generation after, had not embraced this fashion. But, the tattooing is back with a vengeance. This time worldwide! Tattoo fad is seen in USA, Europe, China & India. Unlike in ancient time when people used to get their name and decorative designs over their body, this time it is Your Lover's name and animals preferably snakes. India Actors Siaf Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor has got each others name tattooed on their hand. Teen agers mostly get Cobra as the most preferred tattoo on their forehead or arms. Some of them prefer Lion, tigers, giraffee too as tattoos. Equally catching Fad is the Body Painting, in China. Body painting is very fast catching up and is available for only USD 0.6, which may soon become a big business, if it goes on like this.

Welcome to Obama era: Black is the New Fad

Barack Hussein Obama is getting sworned in as 44th President of USA. Nobody, had thought even, before him that predominantly white populace would be en mass voting for a Black Leader. Color Black has been associated with many abominable things in the past. But, now it is the symbol of Reselience, toughness, and Victory. Just watch the trends to follow and how Obama mania strikes fashion fad world. So, when you get the chance to choose between black and other color for whatever it may be. just compare the vibes you had before and now. Change is inevetable and perception for black has changed.

Audio Tapes out of Fashion

Audio/video tapes which were rage in 80 - 90s are slowly getting out of fashion. Previously people used to carry cassetes, which you could insert into walkman, home stereo or boom box. Now this has been replaced by digital devices like, Mp3 & Ipods. But can you gift someone music the same way you used to. People seldom notice the loss of this great usage of audio casettes, nor the modern devices allow you to use same application everywhere. You rather have to create many types of files to download and transport. What a loss tech advance has given to users. Remember, when you last gifted the latest song in the form of audio cassetes and how you have substituted it now. Many would answere they no more gift casstets or even worse they don't gift song to their loved ones. Do you miss the feeling it generated earlier!

All about StyleFad

Welcome to this website. This is the inaugural post from StyleFad. Stylefad would be discussing Fashion, Trend, Latest Fad from the perspective of a Common Man. How a common man can stay ahead in life, where all of us live on a bleeding edge. Here, we shall discuss about Man, women, fashion, lifestyle, relationship and much more. We would also update you regarding latest product launch and how to use them to position yourself ahead of others in your life. What is in, what is out and what has become obsolete practice, would be our subject. Stay with us and you would have developed a new attitude about Life.