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Amazon's Kindle 2 : Enter the New Era of Wireless Reading

Amazon is going to start its new version of wireless reader Kindle 2, which would display newspapers, books and blogs on a portable screen. This item is available for USD 359.00, and would be released on February 24th, 2009. According to the claims: It is just over 1/3 of an inch. weighs 10.2 ounces 3G wireless enabled capable of downloading books in less than 60 seconds. display like real paper with 16 shades of grey Long battery life which claims to be lasting for days without recharge. holds over 1500 books 20% faster page turns. Introduces Text to Speech Feature which can Read the text to you. Over 230000 books, newspaper, blogs and magazine available with latest updates. Get bestsellers on less than its actual price.

Internet Proliferation threatens Print Industry

People world over are shifting from conventional print edition to online for gathering any kind of information. Gone are the days when you used to hunt for magazines for reviews and news about anything. Every thing is available on internet, not from the people who are paid to write but real users. Hence, credibility in the eyes of users of blogs and review websites is increasing day by day. Whenever anything new strikes your mind you simply go and search the item in a search engine and start browsing the subject of your interest. Print editions are becoming highly unfashionable because of their limitation to produce content after a lag only and also, they are not even quality wise superior to online. Now, experts even want to break the news hot and people are exposed to it via many online channels like Google, digg twitter etc. However, it beginning to change the lifestyle habit of people and vast majority of print editions of well known News Papers and magazines are on the verge of cl