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Fad Pets: What is in and what is out of fashion.

We all love pets. People have variety of affection and reasons while owning a pet. Mostly people own dogs, some cats, few rabbits too. People have experimented with camel, tortoise etc. Nowadays, snakes, lizard and scorpio are entering this list. Some love loyal dogs, some meow of cats. Many want to be just different. They play with a tortoise, rabbit, fawn. Pet fad is on the rise. Piglet fad of 70s and 80s is not fading. People have added new varieties in this list. Now, cobra, Lizards, squirrel and other uncommon animals are being used to show the difference. Flaunt your pets before others. Pet fad has taken a whole new direction. It is no more towards a single animal. everyone chooses one's own. it is not - Do you have a pet? it is rather, How different is your pet! So, before buying any breed ensure the difference. You will gain more attention because your pet is different and not because you own an expensive breed. Innovate and get a different idea. Move with a different dog, or take an exotic kitten in your lap. Ensure it is different. Otherwise, you may have to domesticate a scorpio, lizard or even snake, to get attention!


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