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Anant Ambani Radhika Merchant wedding event is the bigger form of already existing Event Fad

Ambanis will be spending around INR 1000 Cr. for their son's wedding. Pre wedding itself was a big event. However, this is not something bolt from the blue. People are already doing it. Many youtubers manufacture occassions to celebrte. There are multiple factors shaping ths phenomenon. It is not the celebration itself which has raised eyebrows, its the dimension it has drawn out into. 

Wedding in India is a burgeoning industry

Just before this event Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Nath Modi announced how wedding industry has become bigger over the years and why there should be more emphasis from all sides to nurture it. He drew parallels between "Make in India" and "Wed in India". If you look around you will find social media events in your locality catching up. Many Youtubers arrange big events for birthdays and other occasions which were not so noticeable earlier. Its the social media and its overpowering impact that ha caused it to grow bigger. 

Big Event means Big Viewership earning Big Money

Big events translate into Big viewership which means money. The concept of YouTuber celebrations is not entirely new, with creators historically marking milestones such as reaching subscriber milestones or anniversary dates. However, what sets the recent trend apart is the scale and spectacle of these celebrations. From extravagant parties and fan meet-ups to elaborate giveaways and special events, YouTubers are going all out to celebrate their achievements and engage with their audience in new and creative ways. Beyond fostering community engagement, YouTuber celebrations also serve as valuable content opportunities for creators. From documenting behind-the-scenes preparations to capturing the excitement of the event itself, celebrations provide a wealth of material for vlogs, live streams, and social media posts. Moreover, sponsors and brands are increasingly eager to collaborate with creators on celebratory events, offering lucrative partnership opportunities and further monetizing their content.


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