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Bhojpuri, the Brass Tack of Hindi Belt, is gearing up and so are OTT App

 OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MX Player, Hotstar , Jio Cinema and others occasionally include Bhojpuri content in their libraries, but if you're specifically looking for a platform focused solely on Bhojpuri content, they are very few.

Manoj Pandey, a Noida based Filmmaker who also owns MVF Player, an OTT player dedicated to Bhojpuri says the language has a vast audience spread all across the world. This language which belongs to the Bhojpur region of Bihar and U.P. is now a pan India rage. It spread to Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Andhra like non-Hindi speaking states through Bihari laborer. In the past Britishers sent Laborer to far flung areas like, Surinam, Trinidad, Fiji, Mauritius etc. It still has  overwhelming presence there and it adds up to the effective Bhojpuri audience which some feels rivals the official language Hindi. 

Its vast appeal and potential was the reason Arvind Kejriwal, hired Antara Singh Priyanka , a Bhojpuri singer, for the election campaign and promotion in Delhi. 

Bhojpuri OTT mostly dedicated to mobile platform are a rage these days. Its appealing and distinct flavor makes it de rigueur for entire North India. Many celebrities and cricket stars from non-speaking states like Hardik Pandya and Govinda have confirmed, they are big fan of this language. 


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