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Angrakha Fad Beats Odhni and Chunari style this Holi Season

 People seem to be in the mood of celebrating the festival of Holi in an Angrakha style, this year which will mark the beginning of full fledged celebration post COVID-19. Angrakha is a traditional Indian garment characterized by its crossover design, typically worn with a tie or knot on one side. It is popular in various parts of India, especially in regions with a rich cultural heritage.

So, if online stores style trends are any clue, women are preferring it over Odhni or Chunari for celebrating Holi, the festival of colors, while wearing attire featuring the Angrakha style seems to be the fad. This could involve incorporating vibrant colors, perhaps reminiscent of the traditional colors used during Holi celebrations, along with the unique design elements elements of the Angrakha garment.

During Holi, people traditionally wear white clothes that can showcase the vivid colors of the festival's powders. However, incorporating the Angrakha style into these outfits could add a touch of traditional elegance and cultural flair to the celebrations.

This trend is involving people embracing Angrakha-style kurtas or tunics paired with colorful bottoms or scarves, creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion for the festive occasion. It could also involve accessorizing with traditional jewelry or ornaments to complement the overall look.

Overall, an "Angrakha in Holi" would likely be a celebration of both the vibrant colors of Holi and the rich cultural heritage represented by the Angrakha garment, creating a unique and stylish way to partake in the festivities.


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