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Indian General Elections are coming and so Gamcha, Angrakha & Muretha sales are going up

Indian General Elections scheduled in March-April, 2024, has seen burgeoning sales of Gamcha, Angrakha & Murethas considered rural alternatives of necktie. This year many Indian cites with political air gushing in, a sudden splurge of this fad is cathing up among urban population to show off their political inclinations.Historically, it served as a versatile garment, worn primarily by laborers, farmers, and artisans to shield themselves from the harsh sun, wipe away sweat, and provide a makeshift towel. Its practicality, affordability, and durability made it an indispensable part of daily life across rural India.Despite its humble beginnings, the gamcha has evolved over time to meet changing needs and tastes. Today, it finds new life beyond its traditional role as a garment or towel. Its versatility makes it a multifunctional accessory with a myriad of uses – from a stylish fashion statement to a sustainable alternative in eco-friendly practices. Designers and fashion enthusiasts alike have embraced the gamcha, incorporating it into contemporary clothing, accessories, and home décor items. A roadside cloth seller in connaught place, New Delhi, says earlier people of big cities demanded only T-Shirts of some color, but now they are particularly looking for Gamcha and some more sophisticated ones angrakhas. These were earlier taboo here.

BJP Gamcha
BJP Gamcha

INC Gamcha
BJP and Congress parties have shops outside their head offices to cater to the growing demand. Some youngsters who are voting for the first time are more eager to wear these and they also look for opportunity to appear on roadside talkshows of TV channels. North Indian cities like Varanasi, Lucknow and Patna are seeing this sudden outburst of New Urbanised Gamchas and Murethas.


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